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Learn about Your Users, Drive Engagement and Increase Revenue Through Data-Driven Marketing

User Generated Content

Your customers are your best advocates. Empower and encourage them to express themselves in your digital environment to increase their engagement and time spent with you. Bynd integrates user-generated content to create authentic, engaging relationships between your brand and your users - as a result, you learn more about them and build brand loyalty.



    Collections provides a simple, customizable platform for your users to build, curate and share personalized lists of your products or content with friends. Utilizing Bynd's proprietary recommendation engine, Collections also enables you to recommend products or content to your users. Collections is compatible with your existing Magento or other eCommerce site; we also offer a Magento extension and PHP and JavaScript SDKs to make implementation easy.

  • Mobile Journal

    Mobile Journal gives your users the power to plan, explore and share travel on the go! Build trips, find nearby places, share and collaborate with friends on iOS and Android using the Mobile Journal.

  • Community

    Community enables you to build an online, social community among your users - irrespective of your industry or vertical - to promote social interaction, collaboration and sharing with friends and family.

  • News Reader

    News Reader builds loyalty and engagement among your users by providing them with a personalized and social reading experience. By providing your users with one place to collect and curate their preferred content, they stay connected to your site for longer periods of time and share more of your content across their social networks. News Reader also includes the Bynd Toolbar, a subtle but feature-rich tool that lives at the bottom of your browswer, which empowers your users to easily save, check out the activities of other users and share content across their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


    Our products are powered by, our Backend as a Service. is a library of common API web services and code widgets built to easily and seamlessly grow with your user base. It currently provides integration with leading social networks, including Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Chatter and Twitter, and includes a proprietary personalization engine based on our Open Graph technology which feeds off of your user data.


Earned Media

You can't buy or create earned media - you have to develop it organically through social interactions with your users. This is why earned media creates authentic social credibility for your brand. Bynd is designed and optimized for user engagement and social interaction. The more that your users share their experiences with your brand across their social networks, the more earned media you build for your brand.








User Profiling

You need to understand your users to provide them with the best user experience and increase engagement. Use Bynd to capture and access your user data to better understand your users and their actions that generate revenue.



Filter or segment your users into customized groups to analyze their data and better understand your user base. Use the insights gained from user segmentation to change or enhance your product offerings, create better, more personal user experiences, understand user behaviors and revenue drivers, analyze user demographics and geolocation, and idenity power users and influencers, among other things.



Increase brand awareness and revenue by tapping into your deeper understanding of your users. Segment your users into customized groups based on user profile information and import them directly into any of the leading marketing platforms. More relevant, targeted marketing campaigns aimed at your user segments will drive user engagement and revenue - your users will receive more relevant emails, recommendations and marketing materials, conversion rates will increase and CPM rates will increase.

About Bynd

Bynd was launched in 2012 and represents the culmination of the founding team's learnings from 12+ years of designing and building enterprise and consumer web and mobile products for customers while running a UX design agency, Momentum Design Lab. We believe in amazing user experiences and creating applications which connect brands with their users in fun, engaging and meaningful ways.

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